Swipe Left to Detain: A Procedural Comparison between Tinder and Papers, Please

by I. K. Derk

This article compares the similar rhetorics of Papers, Please and Tinder. The article finds mechanical similarities and explores how games and game-like applications change and alter our perspectives on human relationships.

Turning Pixels into People: Procedural Embodiedness and the Aesthetics of Third-Person Character Corporeality

by S. L. Anderson

This article approaches video games through the lens of corporeality, or bodies. It examines the digital aesthetics of video game character bodies in action-adventure games in order to discover those design elements that make digital bodies feel embodied.

Taking Play Seriously, but not too Seriously: A Review of Ian Bogost’s How to Talk about Videogames

by J. S. Euteneuer

Ian Bogost tackles a wide breadth of subjects in How to Talk About Videogames with the goal of moving games into serious discourses while never alienating and negating the multifarious experiences only games can offer.